Hajj Procedure

Government Hajj Scheme & Private Hajj Scheme

Our Hajj and Umrah services are very easy. Here is the brief idea about the whole procedure.

Application on a form will be submitted to government as scheduled by the Government of Pakistan.

The amount of money regarding expenses of the hajj will be taken from you and will be submitted to Government as per government rules.

We will give you receipt of payment submitted to government.

Your case will be sent to Ministry of Hajj for further processing.

The chance to perform Hajj will be given under quota scheme. If the number of the candidates for pilgrimage is more than announced amount (quota), then the ballot system will be adopted.

The candidate declared successful will be announced and issued special passports and visas by the ministry of hajj.

The unsuccessful candidates will get the refund of their money.

The journey of the pilgrims will be arranged by the Ministry of Hajj by chartered flights.

The successful candidates will be informed.

The pilgrims will have to reach Haji Camp two days before the departure of the flight.

The pilgrims will get their Passports/Foreign Exchange/Air Ticket in Haji Camp from Counter of PIA. A pilgrim may stay in Haji Camp or outside the Haji Camp till eight hours before the departure of the flight.

Under government scheme, arrangement of accommodation etc for pilgrims of Hajj will be made by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Only those Pakistani Muslims may apply for Hajj under the above scheme that have the identity card issued by NADRA.

The children with less than 18 years of age are not eligible for Hajj.

Medical Certificate from a recognized doctor is necessary, patients of contiguous diseases will not be allowed. We can arrange a medical checkup for you.

Ladies without Mahram (except Ahl-e-Tashi) are not allowed. Ladies who are expected to give birth to a child during journey should not apply for Hajj. With one Mahram only four women can travel for Hajj. Apart from husband, these Mahrams could be fathers, grand paternal father, grand maternal father, son, brother, uncles, nephews, father in law, son in law, grand paternal son and grand maternal son.

All the pilgrims will travel on special hajj passport issued by the Ministry of Religious Affairs. International passport will not be valid for hajj purpose.

Person having performed hajj during the last five years will not be allowed to apply for hajj. But he can perform hajj as a Mahram of a lady or as a group leader or in the shape Hajj-e-Badal.

Under government scheme, fee of Muallam, transport charges and amount of khaima expenses will be deducted from foreign currency of the pilgrim at the time of departure from the hajj camp, which will be non-refundable. But if you do not use your return coupon from Makkah to Madina, you can receive the fund of bus fare from the office of Maktab-ul-Wokala-al-Muvahhid at the Jeddah air port. The refund will not be possible after having been reached Pakistan.

Colour-photo of the pilgrim is necessary which should be lucid with blue background and should not be Polaroid or dim. Ladies will get their photos with head ear and throat hidden. The size of the photo will be 3 x 4 cm. Apart from the form, six other photos should be reserved to take to Saudi Arabia.

Total Charges = Government Fees (as announced) (in case of unsuccessful application full amount will be refunded) + Our service charges

Note for Private Hajj Scheme

We will do arrangements of the accommodation, flights, transportation and other facilities for you as per your budget.

Total Charges = Depends on accommodation / hotel and flight charges (in case of unsuccessful application full amount will be refunded) + Our service charges

100% valid applications

In both the cases, Government Hajj Scheme and Private Hajj Scheme, we represent your case in the best possible way, so your chances of success will be 99.9%.

Our service charges = 5000 Rs. - (50% of service charges will be refunded in case of unsuccessful application e.g. due to balloting) Their can be some changes in these rules and regulations with the passage of time.


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